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Let's Auto-Configure everything

Your current installation is still missing content-types and templates. You can create them yourself, but it's easier to let let us auto-configure everything for you. We have 2 options: 

for skins/themes using bootstrap3
this has 27 designed content-templates
for other skins/themes
older, simpler with ca. 10 templates
Install Bootstrap package (beta) todo
you can also use this for non-bootstrap themes, but you'll need some time to optimize the templates so it looks great in your layout this is great for getting started on non-bootstrap skins

Recommended: for Bootstrap skins/themes, press the following button to start the process:

Install Bootstrap package (beta) 

For others (not Bootstrap) you can use the bootstrap package and later change it as needed, or use this simpler, older package: 

Install simple content/template package

This message will disappear once the first template has been created (so after the auto-configure or after you have created one yourself). If you would like to know more what the auto-configuration will do, click here.

Details about the Auto-Configuration

The auto-configure will do the following steps for you automatically:

  1. Install a basic set of content-types like simple content, video, google-map etc.
  2. Install a basic set of templates (various content-arrangements on screen)
  3. Install some demo-content so you can see what

You could also do this manually by installing this package in the admin-section, but we've automated this for you.

Why might you not want to auto-configure?

If you would like to configure everything manually, then just do so in the settings. This is usually only desired if you are a very advanced user and would like to use your personal content-types and templates.

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